Sculpture - Laser Cut Paper Series

2017 - 2018

Newsprint plotting paper is laser cut to resemble fabric, leaving just the strands of warp threads. 
Newsprint paper
60 x 80cm

Common Thread - The New Art Centre

01 Jun – 28 Aug 2020 

‘New Art Centre's exhibition Common Thread brings together a group of artists each of whose work focuses on the history of textile technology and design, and their shifting values for people across place and time.’

Aēsop Collaboration

May 2019 

Aēsop, The Fabulist x Isobel Napier

‘In celebration of London Craft Week, we asked Isobel Napier to train her digitally controlled laser-cutter to analogue editions of our literary publication, The Fabulist’.

Burberry Collaboration

October 2018 


‘Six creative talents were invited to execute the graphic pattern of the new Thomas Burberry monogram in their own style’.


2017 - 2018 
Photograms See the Surface - Index Book“The photographic apparatus works like the eye. It captures all degrees and shades of reflected light, and reports to us on the variety and multiplicity of surfaces.”                                                                                        
V. V. Štech

Based on the 1935 publication, Photogaphy Sees the Surface, by Ladislav Sutnar and Jaromíre Funke, published by the State Graphic School in Prague.