Aēsop, The Fabulist x Isobel Napier

 May 2019

‘In celebration of London Craft Week, we asked Isobel Napier to train her digitally controlled laser-cutter to analogue editions of our literary publication, The Fabulist’.

“Commissioned by Aesop, local artist Isobel Napier created a newsprint-based installation for their newest London space in Coal Drops Yard. Applying the emergent craft of computer-controlled laser-cutting to the ancient medium of printed paper, Isobel creates fragile works of extreme delicacy, evocative of frayed fabric and just short of losing all structural integrity. For this project, she fed her cutting machine old editions of Aesop’s literary publication, The Fabulist, irreversibly transforming the solid pages into something far less stable.”

- Water Journal


Photography by Oscar Proctor

©  Isobel Napier 2023