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Timeout London

‘This unbelievably fragile-looking work is made from lasercut paper. It’s brittle, beautiful and makes me very, very nervouse.’

Interview - Through Objects

Design Objects in connection with Nature, Art & Craft, Copenhagen

Interview - Savage Journal 

UCL's Arts and Culture Journal
Page 76

Studio International

‘A former sculpture student at the Slade School of Fine Art, Isobel Napier presents a single work: Paper Piece 1 (2018), a laser-cut piece of newsprint that hangs from the ceiling. Napier has manipulated the paper in such a way that it echoes traditional weaving. Squint and it could be a rug or shawl. The effect is both beautiful and haunting. This strange, digitally designed, machine-made object is a ghost of handmade craft – it speaks to the promise of technology and the potential obsolescence of historical practices. Looking at the work, suspended somewhere between digital and haptic realms, I wonder whether in years to come our museums will be filled with such things: neat, spectral forms that approximate a lost cultural past.’

New Art Centre

‘Using archival paper and laser-cutting technology, Isobel Napier (b. 1994, UK) designs and creates intricately constructed paper sculptures that resemble woven fabric. Through her carefully honed processes, paper is transformed into an altogether different medium, one that is extremely fragile and malleable, with her hanging works becoming almost soft and flowing.’